Worst Fathers In The Ultimate Delusion Franchise


  • Sazh Katzroy’s negligence brought about his son to transform a perilous L’Cie, despite the fact that he in the end redeems himself.
  • Bartholomew Estheim confirmed no effort to seek out his lacking spouse and son, leaving Hope to fend for himself.
  • Jecht’s consistent yelling and crude remarks destroyed Tidus’ self-confidence, as he by no means attempted to strengthen their courting.



A nice father must at all times be a task fashion for his kids, showing them right from wrong and encouraging them to be the most productive model of themselves they may be able to be, however on this planet of Ultimate Delusion, this is not at all times the case. Whether or not they have got a specific reason why to spite their kid, or they only merely do not care about them in any respect, there may be been a handful of lovely terrible fathers that experience gave the impression during the collection, and despite the fact that some come to in the end redeem themselves, it is nonetheless arduous to excuse their earlier movements.


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The vast majority of the time, this pertains to a dad or mum of a specific birthday celebration member, however there have even been some dads who’ve proven up randomly during the video games which are rather less related to the broader tale, however who nonetheless show that they are now not precisely being a nice circle of relatives member. Here is a decent have a look at one of the vital worst fathers ever noticed within the Ultimate Delusion video games, and why they are regarded as so dangerous within the eyes of many lovers.

7 Sazh Katzroy

Sazh’s Negligence At The Euride Gorge Allowed Dajh To Turn out to be Branded As A Bad L’Cie

Sash looking at a crystallised Dajh

Final Fantasy 13

March 9, 2010

Sq. Enix


Admittedly, Sazh does make up for his errors by means of the end of Final Fantasy 13 when he manages to save lots of his son Dajh from changing into a Cieth, however the entire reason why he even changed into a L’Cie within the first position is in large part all the way down to Sazh’s dangerous parenting. As a part of an afternoon travel, Sazh makes a decision to convey Dajh head to head with a Fal’Cie, a large mechanic construction this is seen as being extremely bad by means of the inhabitants, as a result of its talent to emblem any person as a L’Cie, which might be enemies of Cocoon.

Whilst making an attempt to shop for a Chocobo toy for his son, Sazh leaves Dajh utterly unsupervised, which ends up in him wandering against the Fal’Cie and changing into branded, the place he is then taken into custody by means of PSICOM squaddies. Sazh offers with an immense quantity of grief and unhappiness during the sport, and after a large number of paintings, he does in the end reunite together with his son, nevertheless it used to be in the end his negligence that brought about the entire fiasco that can have another way been avoided.

6 Bartholomew Estheim

Bartholomew Makes No Effort To To find His Spouse Or Son After They Disappear

Bartholomew Estheim

After Hope witnesses the tragic dying of his mom originally of Ultimate Delusion 13, he becomes obsessed with getting revenge on Snow, the man whom he sees as the culprit. During his adventure, Hope grows to transform a a lot more assured and succesful particular person, in spite of being so younger. What turns out extremely baffling is that, despite the fact that his spouse and son hadn’t returned to him for days, Bartholomew, Hope’s father, did completely not anything about it.


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Actually, by the point Hope reaches him in Palumpolum, Bartholomew has apparently been sitting in his area simply looking ahead to any person to consult with him. What is extra, he even acts chilly against Hope when he first visits, at the side of appearing a reluctance to absorb the opposite L’Cie. He in the end comes to acknowledge that, in spite of being branded, they are all nonetheless human and need to be secure, nevertheless it nonetheless feels as regardless that he can have finished much more to lend a hand Hope in his time of want previous on within the sport.

5 Jecht

Jecht’s Consistent Yelling And Crude Remarks Totally Damage Tidus’ Self-Self assurance


Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD

March 18, 2014


Whilst Jecht did not precisely hate Tidus, his means of seeking to have interaction with him used to be extremely damaging to his son, as noticed within the a lot of flashbacks the place Tidus will also be noticed crying or getting offended because of his father’s movements and phrases. In fact, Jecht sought after to make stronger Tidus up and attempted to make him more experienced at Blitzball in order that the 2 may just in the end compete in combination, however this in the end made him very merciless and dismissive against the boy, and his alcoholism unquestionably did not lend a hand the topic.

Whilst it is transparent that Jecht used to be thrust into the location of being a father with out truly understanding learn how to cross about it, he by no means attempted to switch the best way he interacted with Tidus, which in the end harmed his son’s psychological state and self-confidence. Jecht is a shockingly advanced personality who possesses a large number of faults, however he without a doubt can have made a larger effort to strengthen his courting with Tidus reasonably than simply mocking and yelling at him at all times.

4 Shadow

Shadow Ran Out On His Child Woman, And He Virtually Let Her Die In A Space Fireplace Later Down The Line

Shadow and his daughter talking

Ultimate Delusion 6

October 11, 1994

Sq. Enix , Sq.

Shadow is a mercenary whom the participant will run into all over the primary few hours of Ultimate Delusion 6, and he makes it very transparent from the instant he seems that he is simplest inquisitive about getting paid for his products and services, and does not dangle any private connections to these round him. Whilst now not a lot is understood about him first of all, avid gamers can be told extra via his flashbacks that play when resting at an inn, and it seems that Shadow as soon as in truth had a circle of relatives of his personal in the village of Thamasa.

Alternatively, feeling that his bad career would hurt them, Shadow walked out on his spouse and child lady or even took the circle of relatives canine with him. Later within the tale, Shadow’s daughter, now referred to as Relm, used to be stuck up in a area hearth, and in spite of Locke and Terra dashing to her support, Shadow merely stayed in mattress, simplest dashing to her support when he spotted that his canine used to be additionally stuck up within the incident. Admittedly, he won’t have identified her because of her being a bit of older than when he remaining noticed her, however leaving one’s kid to battle for themselves in the course of a burning construction is not precisely going to earn him any father of the 12 months awards.

3 Physician Cid Bunansa

Cid’s Obsession With Nethicite Made Him A Chilly And Ignorant Father To His 3 Sons

Dr Cid with a ghoul behind him

Final Fantasy 12

October 31, 2006


This personality used to be the first Cid in the entire series to be a villain, and it is truthful to mention that Sq. Enix pulled no punches in presenting him as a really evil piece of labor. Whilst Cid used to be as soon as believed to had been a being concerned and thoughtful father to his 3 sons, this began to switch when he in the end stumbled upon a valuable stone of the gods, referred to as Nethicite.

His obsession with the stone in the end begins to impact his sanity, leading to him changing into a lot much less concerned together with his sons, and when he does in the end see Balthier later in Ultimate Delusion 12, he begs him to sign up for in on his maniacal plan of destroying the arena. Cid is incessantly regarded as to be some of the best-written characters within the sport, particularly since his once-good intentions to save lots of the arena and humanity at huge in the end ended in his final death and self-destruction, which additionally led to him harming many others within the procedure, together with his kids.

2 Folmarv Tengille

Folmarv Willingly Makes use of His Youngsters As Equipment To Reach His Final Purpose

Folmarv talking to the Duke about the massacre he just committed

Ultimate Delusion Ways

June 20, 1997


Folmarv is as ruthless and unforgiving as a dad or mum will also be, continuously the usage of his kids during the tale of Final Fantasy Tactics to lend a hand serve his grasp, Ultima. For instance, after he sends his son, Orbonne, to obtain a valuable stone this is had to resurrect Ultima, the boy loses it on his long ago upon getting thrown in a dungeon, prompting Folmarv to slash him around the face, and the truth that he does this so nonchalantly signifies that this is not the primary time he is punished his kid this manner.


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When he is threatened with being uncovered by means of the Duke, Folmarv even is going so far as to bloodbath everybody within the room to verify not anything of the kind occurs, together with his son being certainly one of his unlucky sufferers. His daughter, Meliadoul, additionally does not fare a lot better, along with her father continuously seeking to apprehend her, and being noticed as not anything greater than a pawn in his little sport.

1 Hojo

Hojo Started Appearing Twisted Experiments On His Kid Earlier than It Was once Even Born

Hojo laughing

Final Fantasy 7

January 31, 1997

After being in part concerned about inflicting the dying of Vincent’s father, Lucrecia in the end parted techniques from Vincent, and for some ordinary reason why, entered right into a courting with the maniacal and disturbing Shinra scientist known as Hojo. It wasn’t lengthy sooner than Lucrecia changed into pregnant with Hojo’s kid, and being considering not anything greater than clinical growth and experimentation, he presented up his unborn kid to the Jenova Mission, injecting it with particular Jenova cells within the hopes of making a really perfect soldier.

What got here because of this experimentation used to be Sephiroth, a shockingly robust kid whom Shinra would regularly mould into without equal warrior of their military. Alternatively, as time went on, and Sephiroth in the end got here to be told the reality of his lifestyles, he rejected who he used to be, and changed into obsessive about in need of to wreck the arena via using the Black Materia, kicking off the occasions of Ultimate Delusion 7. Hojo’s whole fail to remember for his kid and loss of empathy simplest make him much more despicable as a father, particularly since it is implied that the one reason why he even made up our minds to have a kid used to be purely for the sake of his unwell and twisted analysis.


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