Toughest Act 3 Fights In Baldur’s Gate 3


  • Act 3 in Baldur’s Gate 3 options one of the vital toughest fights within the sport, with important demanding situations even for high-level gamers.
  • Methods for tackling those tricky battles come with leveling up up to imaginable, resting earlier than fights, and making use of things and spells.
  • Each and every struggle in Act 3 items distinctive demanding situations, from combating a slimy wizard supported via conjured elementals to preventing an impressive elder mind in a multi-phase fight.



Act 3 is the final act in Baldur’s Gate 3, making it slightly comprehensible that it will function one of the vital toughest fights within the sport. By way of this level, gamers and their birthday party must be at slightly excessive ranges, but it surely does not forestall a few of these fights from posing important demanding situations.


Baldur’s Gate 3: 13 Hardest Bosses In The Game

Baldur’s Gate 3 has some scarily difficult boss fights. For those threats, gamers must be ready and feature their techniques honed.

To take on those specific battles, gamers will most probably wish to ensure that they’re leveled up to imaginable and move into them after a protracted leisure. It may also be price profiting from any pieces, potions, and spell scrolls that gamers will have. In the end, there is not anything to avoid wasting them for post-Act 3.

Up to date February 12, 2024, via Nyah Payne: Baldur’s Gate 3 established itself within the online game corridor of status when it gained 2023’s Recreation of the 12 months award, along many different accolades. Larian is not achieved but, on the other hand, as they have got persisted to paintings at the sport. They added new epilogue content material and taken the sport to Xbox Sequence X/S. In addition they carried out a brand new problem, Honour Mode, which demanding situations gamers to finish the sport with out getting a sport over. This problem spike makes it extra vital than ever for gamers to get to understand their enemies and resolve the most productive and maximum dependable tactics to defeat them. There are many bosses to problem gamers in Baldur’s Gate 3, however Act 3 options one of the vital toughest in all of the sport.

11 Orin The Pink

Mythical Motion Can Mark A Personality For Quick Dying


  • Degree: 12
  • Sort: Humanoid
  • HP: 145
  • AC: 20
  • Dimension: Medium

The struggle in opposition to the Bhaalspawn shapeshifter, Orin, may also be specifically laborious for characters who do not deal constantly excessive harm. That is specifically notable for Dark Urge origin characters, who get dragged right into a 1v1 with their sinister sibling. Gamers must make sure to buff them totally earlier than sending them into the struggle.

Another way, it’s price noting the terrifying mythical motion that Bhaal has if Orin is gracious sufficient to struggle the entire birthday party. If Orin is not baited into attacking a personality along with her mythical motion, Bhaal can curse a personality to in an instant die if they do not for my part kill one thing on their subsequent flip.

10 Lorroakan

Myrmidon Allies From Each and every Part & Arcane Elemental Resistance

Baldur's Gate 3 Lorroakan Boss Fight

  • Degree: 8
  • Sort: Humanoid
  • HP: 68
  • AC: 12
  • Dimension: Medium

Lovers of the Aasimar paladin, Dame Aylin, are prone to finally end up combating with this Act 3 boss. Lorroakan may also be encountered in Sorcerous Sundries, the arcane tower within the middle of Baldur’s Gate town right kind. He desires gamers at hand Aylin over to him to ensure that him to leech off her immortality for himself.

The slimy wizard must be killed, particularly for gamers who need to get Aylin, her female friend, Isobel, or the tiefling, Rolan, as allies. However Lorroakan’s use of conjured elementals as enhance makes for a tricky arcane fight, now not helped via the truth that they occasionally finally end up teleporting to slightly inaccessible portions of the map.

9 Ansur

“Stormheart Nova” Offers 18d10 Lightning Injury & Summons 5 Further Lightning Moves

Baldur's gate 3, Ansur, Skeletal Dragon

  • Degree: 17
  • Sort: Undead
  • HP: 400
  • AC: 19
  • Dimension: Large

This awe-inspiring personality can handiest be found out via discovering the hidden trials beneath Wyrm’s Rock Jail and dealing thru each and every of them. Ansur used to be the bronze dragon spouse of the famend hero, Balduran. He’s now a pile of bones, however a pile of bones that’s not to be underestimated.

Ansur despises the participant’s reference to The Emperor and opts to struggle the birthday party to the demise as an alternative of becoming a member of it. His lightning breath assault may be very sturdy, with out taking into consideration his “hoard power” state and eventual Stormheart Nova, which will kill characters who don’t seem to be sheltering from it.

8 The Absolute

A Multi-Segment Struggle With Nautiloid Bombardment And Collapsing Environments

Baldur's Gate 3, Elder Brain/Absolute Overpowers Dragonborn

  • Degree: 20
  • Sort: Aberration
  • HP: 300
  • AC: 15
  • Dimension: Large

The entire narrative of Baldur’s Gate 3 builds against the participant’s fight with the Absolute, the elder mind, and the entire mindflayer grand design. It is smart that this will pay off with some tricky ultimate battles. The general fights may also be break up into 3 other battles: the preliminary floor fight, the grueling climb up a tower beneath bombardment, and the struggle on most sensible of the elder mind.

Each and every may also be extremely difficult, pitting gamers in opposition to one of the vital hardest enemies. The ones suffering all through this phase of the sport must extremely imagine making liberal use of the special ally summons to be had to them. Within the ultimate phase, gamers must focal point all in their power on getting their core opponents, mindflayer best friend integrated, to the entrance of the elder mind, as it’s what gamers will want to be attacking to position a forestall to the Absolute as soon as and for all.

7 Auntie Ethel

Baldur's Gate 3 Avenge Hag

  • Degree: 5
  • Sort: Fey
  • HP: 112
  • AC: 17
  • Dimension: Medium

The green hag, Auntie Ethel, is prone to had been a thorn within the participant’s aspect in Act 1 of the sport. Sadly, even supposing gamers set up to kill her in Act 1, she comes again with a vengeance in Act 3. If gamers don’t seem to be leveled sufficient, this struggle with Auntie Ethel within the basement of The Blushing Mermaid generally is a deadly one.

Her “masks” supporters are strangely robust, her talent to make duplicates which are simply as sturdy as she may also be irritating, and her liberal use of damaging AoE spells, comparable to “Insect Plague,” can temporarily grow to be infuriating. On most sensible of this, she has 3 mushrooms that gamers will want to break, or they’re going to stay therapeutic the hag. Gamers who wish to save the kid that she has eaten, Vanra, may even must take Ethel out with non-lethal harm, additional including to an already complicated war of words.

6 Sarevok

Top Well being And Armor Elegance, Along Allies Who Solid Sanctuary, Haste, And Gradual

Sarevok Anchev in Baldur’s Gate 3

  • Degree: 16
  • Sort: Humanoid
  • HP: 262
  • AC: 20
  • Dimension: Medium

The fight in opposition to Sarevok and his Bhaalist homicide tribunal may also be an infuriating one, whether or not it is within the first room or the sacrificial chamber with Valeria. It will be unhealthy sufficient simply taking into consideration Sarevok’s massive pool of well being and terrifyingly excessive armor magnificence, however he’s additionally supported via magic customers who can provide him sanctuary, hasten him, and decelerate the birthday party.


Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Summons, Ranked

Magic inside of Baldur’s Gate 3 signifies that maximum gamers will be capable to summon one thing to help them in fight, however some summons turn out to be extra helpful.

Within the preliminary room, the armored sentries are very robust and aggravating with their “Forced Duel” spell, and the sacrificial room has tribunal ghosts that may temporarily crush a birthday party. To present gamers the most productive shot imaginable, it may be really useful to take out the armored sentries earlier than progressing into Sarevok’s room. A leisure earlier than difficult him and his supporters too can move a ways.

5 The Iron Throne

Restricted Turns To Rescue All The Prisoners

The submarine that takes players to the Iron Throne in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Necessities: Navigate An Underwater Jail And Rescue As Many NPCs As Imaginable Inside A Time Restrict.
  • Enemies: Sahuagins & (Relying On The Participant’s Movements) Combustion Abdominal Spiderlings.

Whilst it’s not essentially laborious for gamers to live on this distinctive struggle, it’s an excessive problem to do it as effectively as imaginable. Gortash’s underwater jail, The Iron Throne, has many captives.

Gamers making an attempt to free up them should take care of Gortash flooding where. They’re going to then must struggle off sahuagin as they try to unfastened all of the prisoners inside of six turns. Gamers must glance to profit from teleportation spells and ranged attacks at the levers in the event that they hope to unfastened all of the prisoners and get away the jail in a single piece.

4 Gortash

Can “Invoke The Black Hand” To Acquire 150 Transient Hit Issues And A Host Of New Strikes

gortash bg3 cropped

  • Degree: 9
  • Sort: Humanoid
  • HP: 275
  • AC: 16
  • Dimension: Medium

Talking of Gortash, his boss struggle may also be terrifying if gamers do not take on it with warning. Destroying his military of Metal Watch machines will also the percentages just a little, however players could be smart to take a look at and take him down as temporarily as imaginable.

Left alive for various turns, Gortash will channel the ability of his evil deity, Bane, making him a pressure to be reckoned with. From his room stuffed with explosives to the mystical fists that he can summon and his massive pool of well being, woe be to those who underestimate Gortash.

3 Cazador

Vampire Spawn Supply Buffs To This Robust Antagonist

Cazador in Baldur's Gate 3

  • Degree: 12
  • Sort: Undead
  • HP: 208
  • AC: 16
  • Dimension: Medium

The Act 3 companion quests can culminate in some very tricky fights, and Cazador is a brilliant instance of this. The previous vampire grasp of Astarion, Cazador’s ritual units the degree for a not easy boss struggle. Gamers are prone to adopt this struggle with Astarion of their birthday party, and Cazador will goal him, downing him and placing him into the ritual.


10 Most Evil Baldur’s Gate 3 Characters, Ranked

From being just a little despicable to fully murderous, listed here are Baldur’s Gate 3’s maximum evil characters.

Fortunately, gamers can repeatedly “help” Astarion out of this state to rejoin the struggle, despite the fact that he’s prone to stay low on well being for the entire fight. Summons assist a really perfect deal on this struggle, as having an best friend positioned close to one in all Cazador’s vampire spawn ritual elements will halt their energy.

2 Metal Watch Foundry

Baldur's Gate 3 Steel Watch Foundry Location Walkthrough Watcher

  • Metal Watcher Titan
  • Degree: 12
  • Sort: Assemble
  • HP: 369
  • AC: 16

The Metal Watch Foundry battles are very similar to the Iron Throne problem. Gamers are not going to fight to stick alive in those fights. They’re going to, on the other hand, in finding it almost inconceivable to do those fights whilst maintaining the Gondian employees alive. The Baldur’s Gate group jokes in regards to the Gondians having a bit of of a demise want, as their AI turns out uncharacteristically foolish.


Baldur’s Gate 3: 8 Tips For Beating The Game On Tactician Difficulty

Tactician Mode is the toughest problem Baldur’s Gate 3 has to supply. This is how gamers can emerge victorious.

They’re going to teleport into teams of enemies and run clear of them, scary alternative assaults, handiest to go again to their authentic place and again and again fall sufferer to their spells. It does not assist that they have got speedy detonation collars, which gamers should move talent tests to defuse to take a look at and stay them alive. The system monsters discovered within the foundry are a problem in themselves, however a lot more difficult is the try to stay the Gondians alive thru all of it.

1 Raphael

Has The Maximum Well being In The Recreation At 666

Baldur's Gate 3 Raphael

  • Degree: 12
  • Sort: Fiend
  • HP: 666
  • AC: 21
  • Dimension: Medium

Raphael is a smooth-talking satan whose boss struggle has won slightly a name. Partially, that is all the way down to his pantomime villain music that he plays right through the fight, however its infamy may also be attributed to its problem. Gamers will struggle Raphael after breaking into his house in Avernus, The House Of Hope, and stealing his magical artifacts.

When gamers input the Space Of Hope, they’re warned of the following problem and beneficial to ensure they’re at a excessive sufficient point. This isn’t to be understated, as Raphael can demolish even a degree twelve birthday party. To present gamers the most productive probability, they must be sure they break each and every of Raphael’s 4 soul pillars. It will possibly additionally assist to recruit fellow satan, Yurgir, to lend a hand within the struggle, if imaginable.


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