Megastar Rail – Very best DPS Characters, Ranked



  • DPS devices are the most important in Honkai: Megastar Rail for quick battles, status out because of prime harm output and distinctive talents.
  • Make a choice DPS devices properly from a various roster within the sport for optimum potency and adapted gameplay revel in.
  • New characters in updates deliver more potent DPS devices, requiring a strategic method to development an impressive crew.

Up to the struggle mechanics in Honkai: Megastar Rail revolve round having Helps to hold the crew’s software, DPS devices are those that get the task carried out. With out a DPS, avid gamers might spend an eternity in one struggle in opposition to onerous enemies and executives.


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Stellar Jades is a the most important forex in Honkai: Megastar Rail as avid gamers want them to get new characters within the sport.

On the other hand, since Honkai: Megastar Rail has a novel roster of characters, every DPS shines in their very own package whilst providing their distinctive specialties and Abilities. For avid gamers who need to construct their subsequent DPS unit, listed below are the very best DPS devices in Honkai: Megastar Rail.

Up to date April 3, 2024, via Nahda Nabiilah: Honkai: Megastar Rail might do a really perfect task in conserving 4-star characters round the similar continual, however the similar cannot be stated concerning the DPS within the sport, given the most productive frequently get powercreeped via a greater. For example, Imbibitor Lunae might look like the height of DPS in Honkai: Megastar Rail, however HoYoverse controlled to get a hold of a unit that is more uncomplicated to make use of but offers related harm to Dan Heng IL. With the volume of recent DPS to be had within the sport, this text is now up to date to incorporate one of the crucial very best additions. Notice that a few of them are extremely shut to one another in the case of efficiency, equivalent to the highest 4 at the listing.



Restricted in single-target

himeko in honkai star rail

The navigator of follow-up assaults, Himeko, is a sturdy Erudition persona in Honkai: Megastar Rail. Himeko’s Skill permits avid gamers to get pleasure from causing Weak spot Damage on enemies via frequently attacking all enemies and working Fireplace harm. Himeko could also be in a position to dealing probably the most perfect AoE harm in Honkai: Megastar Rail along with her Final.

The prime scaling on her Final and Skill makes her assaults extra fatal, particularly taking into account that Himeko’s Base ATK is without doubt one of the perfect in Honkai: Megastar Rail. Unfortunately, Himeko isn’t viable in maximum single-target circumstances, which makes her a deficient selection in opposition to maximum bosses.



Superb Sub-DPS

welt in honkai star rail

Welt is a brilliant harm broker/sub-DPS/strengthen. His Talent is a jump sort that may hit one enemy a couple of occasions if there is simplest one in every of them (like a md), which makes him a really perfect Toughness breaker; it additionally has an opportunity to gradual the objective. In the meantime, Welt’s Final offers AoE harm to all enemies with a 100% probability of Imprisoning them. Imprisoning an enemy reduces their SPD via 10% and delays their motion via 32% (at Final degree 1).


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Being an Imaginary persona, Welt’s primary function revolves round SPD aid and Imprisoned debuff. In a while, if Welt hits a Slowed enemy, he’ll deal further Imaginary harm. Welt’s Methodology additionally Imprisoned and Slowed the enemies, delaying their motion via 20%. All in all, Welt is a brilliant harm broker with nice strengthen attainable, despite the fact that no longer a devoted DPS like Seele or Dan Heng.



Overshadowed via Jingliu

yanqing in honkai star rail

Yanqing is an ideal DPS, basically as a result of his skill to very much build up his CRIT Charge and DMG, which is arguably probably the most best features in Honkai: Star Rail. Gamers can simply stack extra CRIT DMG and ATK% on Yanqing to lend a hand maximize his harm, since his CRIT Charge buff is sufficient to deal with forged probabilities to cause CRIT on every hit. As a Hunt unit, Yanqing could also be rapid and will simply take down bosses.



Protecting and offensive

clara in honkai star rail

It’s no longer sufficient for Svarog to devastate enemies that assault Clara, it’ll additionally mark them with the Mark of Counter skill. After that, when avid gamers forged Clara’s Talent, Svarog will inflict double the wear to those enemies, really punishing them for laying fingers on Clara. As a Destruction Trail unit, Clara is an overly defensive unit that may successfully offer protection to her crew whilst dealing first rate harm in Honkai: Megastar Rail.


Topaz and Numby

Practice-up DPS and strengthen

honkai star rail topaz and numby build guide

Not like Himeko, Jing Yuan, and Dr. Ratio who’re devoted DPS, Topaz in reality doubles as a follow-up assault strengthen. Along with her Trotter, Numby, Topaz can position a debuff on an enemy, which reasons them to take extra follow-up assault harm. This even extends to her Mild Cone, the place she vegetation a debuff that reasons the opponent to take extra harm (no longer only for a follow-up assault). Despite the fact that the wear Topaz and Numby deal might appear underwhelming, if avid gamers imagine how ceaselessly the duo hits, Topaz’s DPS is in reality first rate sufficient to make her a viable DPS.


Jing Yuan

Stay up for his Lightning Lord

jing yuan in honkai star rail

Erudition characters are generally underwhelming in single-target situations, but when avid gamers understand how to correctly set up Jing Yuan’s stack, they are going to in finding the Luofu Normal greater than in a position to acting his task as a DPS in each AoE and single-target circumstances. No longer simplest that, however because of his Lightning Lord’s multi-hit, Jing Yuan could also be nice for triggering Weak spot Damage in Honkai: Megastar Rail.


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Unfortunately, despite the fact that his Lightning Lord excels in opposition to single-target, the similar cannot be stated about his Talent and Final. With out a horde of enemies, the wear from those two hits will also be somewhat underwhelming.


Dr. Ratio

Dependable follow-up attacker

honkai star rail dr ratio best build

Dr. Ratio could also be every other unfastened persona in Honkai: Megastar Rail, however that does not imply that he is underwhelming in his package. With the proper crew composition, Dr. Ratio can frequently cause his follow-up assault, dealing huge harm with out avid gamers even noticing it.



Explodes the entire DoT

kafka ascension and trace materials in honkai star rail

Kafka is a Honkai: Megastar Rail persona that performs round DoT. Her primary function lies in her Talent the place she will be able to detonate DoTs on enemies with out doing away with the impact, permitting folks to abuse it to deal huge harm simply.

On the other hand, regardless of her huge harm attainable, Kafka isn’t the very best persona to make use of. Gamers will have to understand how to regulate Talent Issues and correctly regulate her SPD on most sensible of getting different characters observe DoT to the enemies. Kafka cannot be the one DoT enabler because it ruins her complete package.



Implausible self-sustain

Official art for Blade, Honkai Star Rail's newest character

Blade is the most productive instance of the way a Destruction persona will have to be. He is a very good AoE hitter, first rate in opposition to one enemy, and has mind-blowing survivability. Despite the fact that Blade’s hits would most commonly cut back his HP, his Final and follow-up assaults can simply repair them.


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But even so this self-sustain, huge HP stat, and first rate harm, Blade could also be very environment friendly in the case of Talent Issues, simplest wanting one SP each and every 3 turns. If that isn’t spectacular sufficient, the Stellaron Hunter additionally works in a random crew and does not call for a specific team composition in Honkai: Star Rail.



Unmarried-target beast

seele in honkai star rail

Seele is a single-target one-shot-one-kill more or less character in Honkai: Star Rail. What makes her even higher is her skill to get every other flip each and every time she takes an enemy down. With this skill and the wear spice up she will get from her buffed state, Seele turns into a monster unit that may be helpful anytime, any place in Honkai: Megastar Rail.


Black Swan

No longer only a debuffer

honkai star rail black swan build guide

When Black Swan used to be introduced, the general public concept that she’d be a very good strengthen for Kafka, however Black Swan-havers will inform you that she’s as fantastic as Kafka, if no longer higher. Black Swan’s harm is loopy prime, in each AoE and single-target circumstances. Pair her with a DoT cause like Kafka, and you’ll be able to see chaos from the Emanator of Remembrance.



Refill his Final

argenti ascension and trace materials in honkai star rail

Argenti has a unique Final machine the place he has two variations of it. He can use his signature transfer when he has a minimum of 1/2 of his max Power and likewise when his Power is complete. On the other hand, after all, the wear he dealt is other, the place his complete Final does higher than the half-Power model.


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Nonetheless, Argenti has the versatility to select whether or not he needs to accomplish a full-power Final or do a weaker one to complete off small enemies. In his crew, Power-restoring devices like Huohuo and Tingyun are necessary to verify he can all the time do his Ult.



Easy harm dealing

Honkai_ Star Rail - Jingliu Ascension and Trace Materials

Jingliu and Seele are each very good harm sellers, however Jingliu is healthier in excellent cases. Not like Seele, who plays excellently even in random groups, Jingliu has extra not easy set-ups to satisfy. Moreover, since she’s a Destruction persona, she’s wonderful at AoE harm dealing, not like Seele who is completely single-target.


Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae

SP-hungry, however price it

imbibitor lunae ascensions and trace materials in honkai star rail

Dan Heng • Imbibitor Lunae is well probably the most very best DPS in Honkai: Megastar Rail. He is a very good AoE unit that also works amazingly in single-target circumstances, however he calls for numerous Talent Issues and his crew will have to be constructed round him. If he has the proper helps within the birthday celebration, Imbibitor Lunae will end up himself to be price the entire trouble.


Honkai: Star Rail – Sparkle Build Guide

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On the other hand, despite the fact that he is a Destruction persona in Honkai: Megastar Rail, he lacks the survivability his friends have. So, on most sensible of supporting his mechanics with characters that grant harm bonuses and Power, he nonetheless wishes a healer or shielder to continue to exist.



Implausible with the fitting funding

honkai star rail acheron best build

Acheron surprises the group as, ahead of her free up, there used to be huge skepticism relating to her package, and a lot of fans when put next her to the Lightning Lord wielder, Jing Yuan. Acheron proves herself to be a very good DPS in Honkai: Megastar Rail, having the ability to dish out an insane quantity of wear and tear so long as her crew can increase her Final. The drawback of Acheron, rather then her not easy crew composition, is that she’s reliant on both her Mild Cone or her E2. She’s additionally no longer F2P-friendly.

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