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  • Theurgy skills in Personality 3 Reload are tough tactics that can be utilized in combat when a personality’s feelings achieve a boiling level.
  • Every persona has their very own distinctive Theurgy skills with other houses and results, and their Theurgy gauge will also be charged up via explicit strikes in combat.
  • Some Theurgy skills are extra dependable and efficient than others, and characters can earn a 2d Theurgy talent via leveling up their Personality later within the tale.



As soon as avid gamers have made a good quantity of growth via Tartarus in Personality 3 Reload, they are going to be referred to as into a gathering with Ikutsuki, who will introduce the SEES individuals to a brand-new methodology referred to as Theurgy. Whilst he does not give an explanation for precisely the way it works to start with, it is quickly printed that those tough skills can be utilized when a personality’s feelings achieve a boiling level, and so they in the long run function a final hotel when a combat begins getting a little bit unhealthy.


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On this sense, they paintings reasonably in a similar way to the Showtime Assaults noticed in Personality 5 Royal, however the greatest distinction between the 2 is that Theurgy skills have their very own distinctive houses and results, versus simply shelling out injury. Every persona too can fee up their Theurgy gauge via acting explicit strikes and skills in combat, so it is essential to know the way to highest make the most of those devastating assaults, simply in case an encounter starts to go wrong. With that being stated even though, there are indubitably some Theurgy skills that don’t seem to be handiest a lot more dependable and efficient than others, however they may be able to even be recharged a lot more straightforward, too.

It must even be famous that whilst each persona begins off with a Theurgy talent, they’ll be capable of earn a 2d one via leveling up their Persona afterward within the tale.

5 Akihiko

Lightning Spike: Offers Heavy Electrical Injury To All Foes Whilst Ignoring Their Resistances

Akihiko charging up an electric attack

  • Final Personality Theurgy:
    Offers Serious Electrical Injury To A Unmarried Foe And Ignores Their Resistances. Top Probability Of Causing Surprise
  • How To Recharge:
    Akihiko The usage of Buffs On Himself

In relation to zapping enemies in position with fierce lightning moves, no person within the birthday celebration can do it quite as well as Akihiko, and when his Theurgy gauge is totally charged up, he can deal a staggering quantity of wear to all enemies without delay. As a result of Shadows will begin to grow to be proof against many extra standing results as the sport is going on, with the ability to totally negate it will end up to be extremely helpful. It could possibly additionally simply save Akihiko from the usage of up numerous his personal SP, one thing that turns into a lot more essential when spells and assaults get started costing much more later down the road.

The one actual problem to Aki’s Theurgy is the truth that it could possibly handiest be recharged via Aki the usage of buffs and therapeutic spells on himself, which inspires a sexy egocentric play taste, and whilst it will make him an excessively robust combatant, it additionally ignores the standing of different birthday celebration individuals within the procedure. Nonetheless, it is a devastating talent that may end up to be an actual game-changer in an intense bout with a gaggle of Shadows.

4 Fuuka

Oracle: Provides A Random Buff To Every Birthday celebration Member

Fuuta charging up her Theurgy ability in the shape of a ball

  • Final Personality Skill:
    Provides A Random Enhancement Impact To All Birthday celebration Participants
  • How To Recharge:
    Analyze Enemies

Once Fuuka joins the gang, she’ll suppose a supporting function the place she’s ready to investigate enemy weak spot at the price of her personal SP. That is already extremely helpful and a capability that avid gamers are closely inspired to make just right use of. Because it additionally fees up her Theurgy gauge when it is used, it implies that she’s ready to throw out random buffs very continuously, which is usually a huge lend a hand.


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Even if the buff she grants the characters will probably be totally random, this does not in reality subject an excessive amount of since any receive advantages will also be helpful, whether or not it is a small HP spice up or one thing a little bit extra impactful, like a better essential hit charge for all birthday celebration individuals. As soon as she obtains the Juno Personality, she’ll be capable of take this a step additional via gifting birthday celebration individuals with enhanced results that may be completely crucial for boss enemies, who can continuously be a nightmare to take down with common assaults and spells because of their sturdiness.

3 Koromaru

Hound Of Hades: Offers Serious Darkish Injury To One Enemy Whilst Ignoring Resistances

Koromaru and his Hades persona behind him

  • 2nd Theurgy Skill:
    Grants A Buff The place The Subsequent Bodily Assault Will Deal Extra Than Double The Injury For All Allies
  • How To Recharge:
    Exploit Enemy Weaknesses

Even if Darkish and Mild assaults are not too helpful within the first few flooring of Tartarus for the reason that Shadows are generally susceptible to different components, they each grow to be a lot more essential afterward, which is why retaining Koromaru within the birthday celebration isn’t a foul thought. Even if he handiest has one Personality, everyone’s favorite canine companion can nonetheless achieve a 2d Theurgy similar to everybody else after progressing throughout the tale, and it is no doubt some of the highest reinforce skills within the sport.

Through doubling a birthday celebration member’s bodily assault injury, Koromaru is in a position to flip his fellow allies into unstoppable powerhouses, particularly when it comes to Junpei, who is already absurdly tough with out the buff. Recharging the gauge may be extraordinarily simple since each combat in Personality revolves round discovering an enemy’s weak spot in the event that they occur to have any, so avid gamers can necessarily earn Koromaru’s Theurgy simply by merely enjoying the sport.

2 Junpei

Hack N’ Blast: Offers Serious Slash Injury To An Enemy Whilst Ignoring Resistances

Junpei striking down a weapon

  • Final Personality Theurgy:
    Offers Large Fireplace Injury To An Enemy Whilst Ignoring Resistances. This Skill Additionally Totally Heals Junpei
  • How To Recharge:
    Touchdown Crucial Hits On Enemies

Once Junpei joins the SEES crew within the first few hours of the tale, it is made very transparent that he is going to be the wear and tear broker of the team, having the earliest get entry to to Slash talents, which will melt enemy health bars if he manages to tug them off. As a result of how devastating numerous Slash assaults are of their general injury, it implies that Junpei generally has to sacrifice somewhat of his personal HP to accomplish them, however his Theurgy principally permits him to take a unfastened swing at an enemy, even though they’re to start with proof against the assault.


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What in reality makes Junpei’s Theurgy so tough even though is how briefly it may be recharged. When touchdown a bodily assault on an enemy in Personality 3 Reload, characters have a possibility to accomplish a essential assault, and because Junpei goes to be the usage of bodily assaults essentially the most, it implies that he executes essential assaults at a a lot more common charge. If avid gamers can stun enemies with elemental assaults, they may be able to make the essential hit likelihood even upper, that means that Junpei can barrage the warring parties with a myriad of relentless assaults, all whilst powering up his Theurgy to deal the overall blow. Even if his 2d talent is earned a lot afterward, it is also nonetheless very helpful and will also be applied as a unfastened heal to avoid wasting pieces and SP.

1 Ken

Divine Retribution: Offers Serious Mild Injury To An Enemy Whilst Ignoring Their Resistances

Ken holding a staff with a concerned look on his face

  • Final Personality Theurgy:
    Revives All Birthday celebration Participants And Totally Heals Them. The Subsequent Assault Used In opposition to Any Birthday celebration Member Is Mirrored
  • How To Recharge:
    Ken’s SP Drops Under Part

Even if Ken is superb at being a injury broker, particularly along with his explosive Mild assaults, he too can double as a reinforce when the location requires it, with either one of his Theurgy skills completely representing his flexible fighting style. Very similar to Konomaru along with his Darkish skills, with the ability to have a birthday celebration member who can use Mild for the mid to past due sport is actually crucial, and fully negating enemy resistances is a superb added bonus.

Whilst this primary Theurgy assault is already extraordinarily efficient and viable, Ken’s 2d is via a long way some of the highest reinforce skills in all the sport, particularly since obtaining the talent Recarm, which revives an best friend with a portion in their well being, can take a very long time to get. Now not handiest can Ken repair a personality’s well being again to max, however he can do that to all downed birthday celebration individuals or even replicate the following assault as an additional little bit of reinforce. Admittedly, he will also be very dangerous to make use of since his Theurgy will handiest recharge as soon as he is underneath part SP, but if used at simply the appropriate time, Ken will also be the one factor combating a Recreation Over display screen from showing.

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