Absolute best Feminine Characters In Jujutsu Kaisen


  • Shonen anime steadily lacks well-developed feminine characters, however there are exceptions like Jujutsu Kaisen with its sturdy feminine characters.
  • The collection explores complicated moralities and displays that noble figures can transform villains and tough characters will also be heroes.
  • Top-of-the-line girls and women in Jujutsu Kaisen are Mimiko & Nanako Hasaba, Riko Amanai, Rika Orimoto, Shoko Ieiri, Akari Nitta, Nagi Yoshino, Yuki Tsukumo, and Utahime Iori.



The issue with shonen anime comes within the title. ‘Shōnen’ way ‘younger boy,’ so shōnen works have produced all kinds of male heroes, like stoic muscleman Kenshiro from Fist of the North Megastar or happy-go-lucky Goku from Dragon Ball. Sadly, the ladies in the ones collection in particular will also be normally described as “unnecessary damsels” and “they be buying groceries,” respectively.


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It’s now not that guys shouldn’t be heroes in a style named after them and essentially focused for them. The style may do exactly with writing of equivalent high quality for its feminine characters, as a lot of women and girls experience shōnen anime too. They do not have to be easiest, however they may be able to be greater than uninteresting eye sweet. Fortuitously, there are a host of shōnen anime displays with strong female characters. Gege Akutami’s Jujutsu Kaisen is one among them, and those are the most productive girls and women within the collection.

Up to date on February 12, 2024, by means of David Heath: Smartly, Jujutsu Kaisen’s moment season has come and long gone, and it in fact proved well-liked by enthusiasts, bar a couple of controversies. Some fan favorites were given killed off alongside the way in which and, whilst the previous record wasn’t brief on posthumously standard girls, one dying specifically introduced the wind out of numerous other people’s sails. Some enthusiasts are retaining out hope they will come again, even though given they have additionally been absent from the unanimated manga chapters, chances are high that it would possibly not occur till Season 4, if it occurs in any respect. However, the remainder of the feminine solid has long gone from energy to energy, and this record has been up to date with a couple of extra selection examples and a few data tweaks right here and there.

17 Nobuko Takada

Pop-ping In For Cameos

Best JJK Women- Nobuko Takada

  • Non-magical Pop Idol.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 8

No longer everybody within the collection is a Curse Person, Cursed Spirit, sorcerer, or different magically-powered being. Some are simply common people who get wrapped up within the plot for one reason why or any other. They may be able to endure a grim destiny, like Nagi Yoshino, or get out whilst the getting is excellent, like Setsuko Sasaki. However that does not imply they may be able to’t supply some humorous moments.

As an example, Nobuko Takada is an upbeat pop idol who simply came about to catch Aoi Todo’s eye (thus answering his mentor Yuki Tsukumo’s query). She has a legion of adoring enthusiasts, and she or he likes them again, along with her captivating and disarming persona managing to damage even Mai Zenin’s stern facade. In canon, she solely seems in particular person as soon as, however she turns up in Todo’s recollections steadily, together with one the place she and the massive lug get to overcome the vile Mahito. If solely that came about for actual.

16 Takako Uro

Vengeance from Past the Grave

Best JJK Women- Takako Uro

  • Sorcerer and Murderer.
  • Debut: Bankruptcy 173 (manga).

The anime has but to animate the Culling Recreation arc, so including one among its characters here’s a little cheeky. So, it will keep away from spoilers by means of sticking to the fundamentals. Takako Uro used to be a sorcerer from 1000 years in the past, serving as captain for the Solar, Moon & Stars Squad, a bunch of assassins. She used to be betrayed and killed however used to be introduced again to avenge her destiny.

She’s a powerful hand-to-hand fighter, with a willing tactical thoughts that solely will get undercut by means of her brief mood and susceptibility to sadism. Her powers are fascinating too, as her ‘Sky Manipulation’ sees her ready to wrap truth round her like a cloak. The usage of this, she will reputedly disappear into skinny air, or smash off shards of the sky like glass and chuck them at her foes. It is an intriguing energy to peer in print, and might be simply as imaginative in movement.

15 Mimiko & Nanako Hasaba

Suguru Geto’s Proper-hand Ladies

Best JJK Women- Nanako and Mimiko Hasaba

  • Curse Customers.
  • Debut: Season 2, Episode 1 (Fable), Episode 5 (Right kind).

JJK is a chain the place the fellow who felt sorcerers will have to give protection to non-sorcerers is its maximum infamous villain, and the fellow who idea that used to be tacky nonsense is one among its primary heroes. How that came about made up a big a part of Season 2, because the as soon as noble Suguru Geto was a sorcerer-supremacist, who prefer to wipe out all of normal humanity fairly than cater to them.


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What sealed that deal for him used to be when he got here throughout a village that used to be victimizing two dual women, Mimiko & Nanako Hasaba, pondering they had been answerable for deaths within the space. Suguru slaughtered them and stored the twins as a substitute. The sisters’ arc confirmed the cause of Suguru’s insanity, and why they went along side it. Why prevent Suguru’s “sorcerers-only paradise” when he is handled them higher than the true global ever did? They are the drop of fine that may be present in evil.

14 Manami Suda

Geto’s Assistant and 2d-in-Command

Best JJK Women- Manami Suda

  • Curse Person.
  • Debut:
    Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Film
    , Season 2, Episode 16 (anime).

If Mimiko and Nanako had been like daughters to Geto, Manami Suda will be the closest factor he were given to a spouse. He used to be ready to unwind along with her, or even took a selfie along with her and had a jolly excellent time celebrating their ‘circle of relatives’ reunion once they killed some unfortunate human. She stocks his supremacist beliefs, and in addition would fairly are living in an international with out people.

She aided him as his second-in-command and used to be no slouch within the sorcery division both, as she used to be ready to carry her personal in opposition to Atsuya and Panda. Her solely problem is that, with out Geto, she misplaced a lot of her objective. She selected to assist Pseudo-Geto, the spirit inhabiting her past due awesome’s frame, with the intention to create the arena the true deal sought after. However he hasn’t given her as a lot to do. With out Geto, Manami might be left adrift.

13 Riko Amanai

A Loner in a Global of Magic

Best JJK Women- Riko Amanai

  • Megastar Plasma Vessel.
  • Debut: Season 2, Episode 2.

The Hasaba Twins’ scenario driven Suguru over the brink, however what were given it shaking used to be Riko Amanai‘s destiny. She used to be an bizarre highschool lady who simply came about to have the possible to be a Megastar Plasma Vessel- a frame that would merge with the immortal jujutsu grasp Tengen to care for their will and self-awareness. The outcome would necessarily kill the Vessel, however it might stay Tengen from turning into a Cursed Spirit and making issues worse.

Riko used to be high quality with it as, rising up with out her oldsters, she felt left on my own anyway. She had college buddies, a caretaker, and escorts in Suguru and Satoru Gojo, however no person she may name circle of relatives. Over the years, she’d bonded with Suguru and Satoru to the purpose the place she did not need to merge anymore. She sought after extra time along with her buddies. However she did not have a decision. Satirically, a non-sorcerer ‘monkey’s dying made Suguru shift against his darkish targets.

12 Rika Orimoto

Queen of Curses

Best JJK Women- Rika Orimoto

  • Cursed Spirit.
  • Debut:
    Jujutsu Kaisen 0: The Film

One of the most easiest villains are living as much as the word “the street to hell is paved with excellent intentions,” as Suguru confirmed in his descent from short of to “give protection to everybody” to “kill all of the monkeys.” Any other case grew to become up in Jujutsu Kaisen 0: Jujutsu Prime, the prequel that noticed Satoru and Maki sign up for forces to lend a hand Yuta, a boy plagued by means of a cursed spirit that was Rika Orimoto, his youth pal who used to be killed in a automotive coincidence.

Yuta had promised to survive her, however the coincidence broke that promise, resulting in her turning into a cursed spirit so tough she may check Satoru and weigh down Suguru. However Rika wasn’t harming Yuta. Indirectly anyway. She used to be protective him in opposition to anything else she noticed as a danger, inadvertently making him endure consequently. Folks can sympathize along with her plight and intentions, however in the long run her bond used to be poisonous to Yuta, and she or he needed to let cross to transport on.

11 Shoko Ieiri

The Coolest Head within the Room

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Women- Shoko Ieiri

  • Sorcerer/Physician.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 5.

What would a college be with no resident physician? In particular one this cool-headed. There are relatively a couple of laid-back women in JJK, however Shoko Ieiri is most likely probably the most laid-back and nonchalant of the bunch. She takes her scientific paintings, without or with sorcery, relatively critically. But she stays unflappable in just about any and each and every scenario. As harsh or scary as issues get, she assists in keeping her head when everyone seems to be dropping theirs.


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Shoko used to be the similar again when she used to be a scholar, as Season 2’s flashbacks confirmed. She used to be classmates with Satoru and Suguru, and she or he’d take care of them at their easiest and worst. As an grownup, she recalls nowadays fondly, lighting fixtures up a cigarette for previous occasions’ sake. They had been idyllic in comparison to the Shibuya incident, however even there she stored at paintings, therapeutic others as easiest as she may.

10 Akari Nitta

Biker Lady Became Skilled

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Women- Akari Nitta

  • Sorcerer/Auxiliary Supervisor.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 22.

Because the auxiliary supervisor at Tokyo Prefectural Jujutsu Prime College (Tokyo Jujutsu Prime for brief), Akari Nitta normally takes a supportive function. She drove Yuji, Nobara, and Megumi off to their vacation spot for Season 1’s finale, then discovered them once more as soon as it used to be over. However there may be extra to her than meets the attention. She was a Yanki, a antisocial recognized for being serious about motors, American rock track, and wild hairstyles. However the one hint of her previous is her hobby in customizing automobiles.

Akari gave up the tough existence to graduate from Kyoto Jujutsu Prime and entered the college gadget as an assistant as a result of she knew her little brother Arata can be going to her alma mater. She did not need him coming into hassle, so she were given a task the place taking a look after him and the opposite Jujutsu scholars can be her peak precedence. It is fairly candy in some way and displays that there is extra to her than a sensible go well with.

9 Nagi Yoshino

Loving Mom and Prepared Drinker

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Women- Nagi Yoshino

  • Junpei Yoshino’s mom.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 11.

It is not that JJK does not have flaws. It may well be argued that Nagi Yoshino were given killed simply to provide persona construction to her son Junpei and the series’ hero Yuji Itadori, a trope higher referred to as ‘fridging’ a personality. But the worst circumstances of fridging have a tendency to be for the reason that girl had little construction past “doomed love hobby/relative.” In contrast, Nagi had sufficient characterization to make her a fan favourite.

It will’ve been as a result of she used to be likable and easy-going. She wasn’t some easiest guardian, as she smoked, drank, and would let Junpei skip college if he didn’t need to cross. Nagi idea he’d achieve any trail in existence he selected, without reference to whether or not it concerned school or the like. She used to be extra interested by seeing Junpei escape of his gloomy shell, make buddies, and be at liberty. Which makes the Yoshino circle of relatives’s destiny all of the sadder.

8 Yuki Tsukumo

Renegade Sorcerer

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Women- Yuki Tsukumo

  • Particular Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 20 (Flashback), Episode 29 (Right kind).

That mentioned, if being unladylike used to be a nasty omen for JJK’s girls, Yuki Tsukumo would even be damned. She’s simply as laid-back as Nagi, even though extra outspoken and brash. Why beat across the bush when she will get instantly to the purpose? She doesn’t hesitate to talk her thoughts, steadily wondering the higher-ups at Tokyo Jujutsu Prime, or teasing her student Aoi Todo about “what sort of women do you prefer?” sooner than taking him beneath her wing.


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It is helping that she has the facility to again herself up. Few other people, if somebody, is aware of their utmost energy point past its Particular Grade designation. Best 4 different Jujutsu sorcerers have controlled that feat, together with the collection’ co-protagonist Satoru. She were given to turn her talents in Season 2, particularly when she freed Yuji and co from Uraume’s Frost Calm curse with one spell. Even with out her magic, she’s a formidable hand-to-hand fighter who can undergo moves that might kill lesser warriors. It is most definitely easiest to stick on her excellent aspect.

7 Utahime Iori

Kyoto’s Best Instructor

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Women- Utahime Iori

  • Sorcerer and Instructor at Kyoto Prefectural Jujutsu Prime College (Kyoto Jujutsu Prime).
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 14.

Kyoto, Japan’s former capital town, is the place most of the nation’s oldest cultural points of interest nonetheless stand. So, it’s solely becoming that Kyoto Jujutsu Prime’s scholar manager, Utahime Iori, looks as if a classical Shinto priestess, or “miko.” As feudal because the Tokyo college is, Kyoto Prime has an additional holy contact as its land is thought of as sacred to Jujutsu practitioners.

Even so, Iori is not any pious nun. She nonetheless has blood in her veins. As stern as she will also be, she loves having a laugh, which for her normally comes to karaoke, football, baseball, and a lot of beer. She too can get indignant, as Satoru unearths out frequently. One incident noticed her unload her cup of tea on him as a result of he mentioned she used to be vulnerable, scalding him whilst scolding him for his disrespect. However it does not prevent them from running in combination in combat.

6 Mei Mei

Jujutsu Mercenary

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Women- Mei Mei

  • Sorcerer.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 17.

Kaisen’s girls additionally run via various sun shades of grey morality. If Iori is just about white, then Mei Mei is a payday clear of going all black. She’s prematurely about her values, they usually all contain money. It doesn’t topic if the buyer is an angel, satan, or anything else in between—if the cash’s proper, she’s there for his or her plight. Likewise, she believes in making use of “provider doable” to other people. The extra helpful they’re to her, the extra valuable their existence is.

However the extra unnecessary they’re, the fewer price their existence has, as Ebina and a couple of different Curse Customers found out first-hand. As cynical as her worldview is, she’s relatively calm and pleasant and compliments her allies’ talents once they display doable. Mei Mei’s perspective, and being worried dating along with her more youthful brother Ui Ui, would make her a rather conventional lawful evil villain in different collection. However due to this nuance, she turns into a extra fascinating persona.

5 Momo Nishimiya

Trustworthy Workforce Participant

Jujutsu Kaisen Best Women- Momo Nishimiya

  • Scholar at Kyoto Jujutsu Prime.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 14.

Momo Nishiyama is not everybody’s favourite JJK lady as she did not make the most productive first influence. She’s some of the Kyoto scholars beneath Iori, and her advent sees her plotting to kill Yuji with the opposite scholars. However it did result in some of the collection’ easiest fights in opposition to Yuji’s pal Nobara. With the exception of the motion, it confirmed she’s a skillful sorcerer and a faithful crew participant to her college and buddies.


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It is because she believes girls must paintings two times as laborious as males to get equivalent reputation within the jujutsu global (it sort of feels some issues by no means exchange). As such, Momo is eager to turn out her price as a sorcerer, and a feminine one at that. She simply has sufficient sense to turn out that via her teamwork fairly than seeking to do the entirety by means of herself, like when she attempted to shop for Yuji & co time throughout the struggle in opposition to Uraume. Plus, the cutesy witch aesthetic she prides herself on is helping her stick out from the group.

4 Kasumi Miwa

Fan Lady with Braveness

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Women- Miwa Kasumi

  • Scholar at Kyoto Jujutsu Prime.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 8.

There’s nonetheless room for ladies who aren’t drinkers, daring, or bloodless. Considered one of Iori’s Kyoto scholars, Kasumi Miwa, is rather less confident. She sticks out from her stiffer Kyoto classmates by means of being extra kind-hearted and open-minded, taking a look as much as top-level sorcerers like Satoru Gojo, albeit extra for his ability than his persona.

She needs to practice of their footsteps and make money to beef up her little brothers. She steadily doubts herself and doesn’t like one of the crucial jobs her essential orders her to do (like seeking to kill Yuji). Alternatively, she’s some of the display’s bravest characters. In that as scared as she might get, along with her circle of relatives at the line, she’ll struggle off any foe regardless of how sturdy they’re.

3 Maki Zenin

Black Sheep Became Head of the Herd

Maki Zenin (Jujutsu Kaisen)

  • Scholar at Tokyo Jujutsu Prime College.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 5.

Either one of the Zenin sisters are standard, even though solely one among them (to this point) has their own spin-off manga. Maki Zenin is the eldest of the dual duo and the family’s black sheep. She used to be not noted for being the one member of the circle of relatives with out innate sorcerer skills. After seeking to run clear of house and get started a brand new existence, she switched techniques and entered Tokyo Jujutsu Prime as a substitute.

Now Maki needs to spite her circle of relatives by means of turning into a formidable sorcerer via her grit and resolution. In consequence, she will also be stern or even imply to these she feels aren’t pulling their weight (like Satoru). Nonetheless, her “cold-hearted demon” facade hides an individual who needs to peer herself and others transform the most productive they may be able to be. That is most definitely why Nobara and the opposite Tokyo Prime scholars respect her such a lot, as they acknowledge that ambition.

2 Mai Zenin

Reluctant Sorcerer

Best Jujutsu Kaisen Women- Mai Zenin

  • Scholar at Kyoto Jujutsu Prime.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 8.

Maki’s dual sister, Mai Zenin, did not have it any higher in her circle of relatives. Her innate sorcery used to be more than Maki’s, however nonetheless wanting the circle of relatives same old. However, she’d were completely satisfied to stick beneath their thumb if Maki had caught to her promise to stick with Mai it doesn’t matter what. Alternatively, when Maki fled to Jujutsu Prime, Mai used to be blamed for her disappearance and compelled into the sorcerer’s trail as penitence.


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Feeling betrayed and fixed learning for a task she hated, she’d take out her frustrations on her friends, particularly Maki. Satirically, for any individual who hated magic sufficient to want weapons over wands, broomsticks, or different conventional tropes, she’d transform shut buddies with the sorcery-loving Kasumi and witch-like Momo. She isn’t merciless or bitter as a result of she’s evil. It’s as a result of she’s harm, which provides her a tragic, sympathetic edge to her destiny.

1 Nobara Kugisaki

The Energy of Self assurance

Nobara Kugisaki in Jujutsu Kaisen

  • Scholar at Tokyo Jujutsu Prime.
  • Debut: Season 1, Episode 2.

Maki has a tendency to be the most well liked of the ladies because of her tale arc and talent. Alternatively, she isn’t the display’s primary feminine protagonist. That will be Nobara Kugisaki. She’s an overconfident, prideful, even smug scholar who looks like an interloper. She by no means felt at house in her tiny village existence and most popular to be along with her giant town buddies. When they needed to cross house, she were given disappointed however promised to peer them once more in Tokyo.

It’s a part of the candy aspect she does not dare display to others. That’s now not Nobara’s solely distinction both. She aspires to be as sturdy as Maki whilst performing like the category clown with Yuji. She’s simply rattled into trash communicate, but she’s higher at holding a degree head when issues get critical. As a sorcerer, she is aware of she’s forged, however is conscious she has room for growth and strives for it. It might be a plus for the genre if there have been extra girls in shōnen like Nobara, and in the event that they were given to stay round for its complete run too.

Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen

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